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Hinton Pond Hockey is supported by the Hockey Alberta Member Grant made possible by:

Hinton Pond Hockey is an inclusive introduction to hockey program that focuses on participation in a less structured and flexible environment.  It follows the Hockey Alberta Pond Hockey Program

We take kids from 5-13 with all kinds of experience - from never being on skates to playing hockey for a number of years.

We typically start with a fun activity or two with the whole group.  Next we break into (usually 2-3) groups based on experience level.  We have one or more on-ice supervisors working with each group on skills.  On-ice supervisors are all required to have the Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders Certificate.  Finally we have a scrimmage (mini-game).

For the scrimmage we create lines based on skill level so we don't have new skaters playing against veterans.  We even move the nets to make a smaller playing surface for the newer players.  On-ice supervisors may "help-out" to make sure sides are even and everybody gets to touch the puck.  Sometimes we have kids play goalie (we have goalie equipment) and sometimes we don't.  We don't keep score.  We focus on fun.  

Watch a typical practice below...

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