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About us

Hinton Pond Hockey Association (HPHA) is a non-profit association registered in Alberta & run by volunteers.

HPHA' objectives are:

  • Promoting physical and mental health in children by running a pond hockey program in Hinton.

  • Providing parents with a more affordable, less-competitive, less demanding hockey alternative for their children.



Board Members & Duties

Past Board Members


Membership in HPHA is not mandatory for your kids to play Pond Hockey.  The purpose of being a member in HPHA is to have a say in how things are run by attending and voting at meetings.



  • Are parents or legal guardians of players who want to be members, or

  • Are other people who request to be members and are approved by a majority of the current board.


This allows any parent to become a member.  It also allows volunteers, such as board members, to become members who are not parents.


There is no cost to join.

There are two ways to apply for membership:

  1. When you register your children, you can check a box on the form, or

  2. You can email us with a request including your name and full address.  We are required to collect this information by law (Societies Act).

If you are a parent of a registered player, you will normally be approved automatically.  If you are not a player, the board will vote on your membership status, either at the next board meeting or by an email vote.​

Membership expires on August 31 each year, with the exception of Board members.

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HPHA bylaws can be found here.

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Board Members and Duties
Board Members & Duties
Please note: This is a guideline. Duties or positions may be edited at any time by HPHA executive


Dave Boychuk

  • Presides  over all meetings of the association and is in charge of  agendas for each meeting

  • Acts as the spokesperson for the association

  • Is the main contact person for the Town of Hinton and is responsible for cancelling or rescheduling ice times with the Town. Attends any meeting in regards to this.

  • Deals with any parental concerns or issues and brings them to the board if needed

  • Shall have signing authority for the association

  • In general terms supervises and controls all business and affairs of the board and the association

  • Book the room at the Rec Centre when needed for meetings


Gina Boychuk

  • Attends all meetings of the association

  • Is responsible for keeping accurate record of the proceeding of all executive, special and general  meetings

  • Notifies the executive of the time and place of all association meetings

  • Publishes the notice of the AGM in the local newspaper – 21 days in advance

  • Shall have signing authority for the association

  • Receives proposed amendments to the bylaws , policies & procedures and any other documents  and deals with them in a timely fashion (if applicable)

  • Has charge of the boards correspondence

  • Ensures an accurate up to date record of players, coaches and board members. Making changes when needed

  • Keeps HPHA  forms up to date


Mehrunisa Haidar

  • Keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed

  • Shall have signing authority for the association

  • Receives and deposited all registration  fees from the registrar on a timely basis

  • Presents a report to the board at the monthly meeting of the operating results of HPHA

  • Ensures an audited statement of the financial  position of the association is prepared and presented to the AGM

  • Advises the executive on preparing the budget

  • Ensures payment of all expenditures on a timely basis

Chelsea Van Dyk

  • Responsible for the organization of the associations registration and will ensure necessary forms are available

  •  Set up the Zone4 electronic registration form so parents can register their children and submit fees

  • Updates Google Contacts with all parent information for the year

  • Updates the Hockey Canada Registry with player and coaches information

  • Processes requests for player transfers in the Hockey Canada Registry

  • It is recommended that the registrar be somewhat tech-savvy as there's a lot of electronic forms to fill out.  We did build a how-to manual so you don't need to be Bill Gates.

On-Ice Coordinator

John Partridge

  • Acts as liaison between on ice supervisors (OIS), members and the executive

  • Responsible for keeping and  organizing HPHA volunteer forms

  • Complies a list of people willing to volunteer  as OIS and team managers and contacts them accordingly

  • Makes sure there is adequate supervision for the allotted ice times (minimum 2 OIS)

  • Ensures each OIS has completed  the respect in sports on line course

  • Collects all information required to register the OIS’s with Hockey Alberta and provides it to the registrar  

  • Maintains HPHA medical forms. Ensure OIS are aware of player medical concerns and that all forms are in the equipment locker in case of an emergency

  • Keeps a record of all locker keys and ensure key are given out to required personnel


Past Board Members
  • Pat Scobie

  • Laura Riou

  • Linda Watson

  • Jen Baird

  • Ryan Ireland

  • Linda Jones

  • Sharon Meredith

  • Matt D'Angelo

  • Gwen Nett

  • Chris Read

  • Paul Gemmel

  • Cindy Petrone

  • Lacy Park

  • Rochelle Meyer

  • Ashlee Spenst

  • Ferenc Scobie

  • Tovah Blain

  • Roxanne Schneider

  • Tanya Bott

  • Lisa Abstreiter

  • Lisa Ritchie

  • Andrea Cote

  • Tammy Johnson

Hinton Pond Hockey would also like to recognize and thank all the previous board members.  If we're missing someone from this list, please let us know.
Hinton Pond Hockey would also like to acknowledge the contributions of a lot of other volunteers who have put in time as coaches, working the benches, helping with events, and other activities and making the program a success.  Your deeds have not gone unnoticed and we thank you.

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