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Pricing & Sign-up

The Cost of Hinton Pond Hockey is $75.  For parents or guardians that can't afford this fee or hockey equipment one of the following may be able to help you:


Please note that we have transitioned our registration process from Zone4 to the Hockey Canada Registry.  If you signed up last year, the process is going to be a lot different.  The button below should take you to our registration page.  You may have to create a Spordle account if you haven't before.  It will ask you to upload proof of residency documents, but we have been told we don't have to for Pond Hockey in previous years, so you should be ok to skip the uploads.  

We apologize if this process is more difficult.  It saves us taking all the information from Zone4 and re-entering it into the Hockey Canada Registry which we used to have to do.  

Please note that we use TeamApp to communicate with parents of registered players.  You will be required to get an account and link it to the Hinton Pond Hockey Team.  Please see the FAQ Page for more information. 

Refund Policy:  Hinton Pond Hockey understands that kids may be reluctant or change their mind about playing pond hockey.  We are allowing parents to register and let the kids play for 2 scheduled practices immediately after registration.  We will refund the entire registrations fee.  You will have one week following the second scheduled practice after your child joins to submit a refund request.  After that we will not process a refund.  We do not consider if your child played, only that he or she had the opportunity to play.  If you skip the 2 scheduled ice times, it still counts.

Normally this means that if you sign up on a Thursday and the next two Fridays we are scheduled to play, you have until the end of practice on the third Friday to send a refund request.  All refund requests must be sent to

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