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On Ice Supervisors

Hi Everyone,

I put together this page just because I am only getting responses from some of you by text and it seems really hard to get everyone together.  I'm trying to get us a little more organized and share some things that have come up and some things you guys have suggested with me.  If you don't want to text that's ok, just please let me know.  The best way to get a hold of me is text 780-817-8534.  You can also phone me at that number.  Email to also works but I only check it once a day.  You can also post to our Facebook group, but I only check it Friday afternoon - I'm not really a Facebook guy.

When I took on the roles of Registrar and On-Ice Supervisor, I thought it'd be just managing a sign up and a few texts to make sure we had enough supervisors each week.  I've learned it's quite a bit more than that, and what's really been complicating things is there's no "how-to" manual so there's been too much "making it up as I go along" and surprises.



I don't have a really good grasp on how all of you want communications or if you want to be a regular OIS or just a spare.  I'm going to ask all of you to please fill out this really short form.  


I found out recently that all our players and on-ice supervisors need to be registered in the Hockey Canada Registry database.  I've been busy doing that, but I learned that for our OIS, they need to have the Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders (not the same as Respect in Sport for Parents).   I am working on a Pond Hockey website with a Frequently Asked Questions.  There's a section in the FAQ for On-Ice Supervisors and I've put a bunch of stuff in there already on this if you have any questions... or just ask me. 



Always looking for them.  Please keep them coming.

Name Tags

Speaking of suggestions...  Some parents and even a few OIS have asked if we can wear name tags.  I'm not going to force anyone, but it will make things easier.  I'll have a label maker at the rink if you want a permanent one, white hockey tape and a marker if you want, or even some painters tape if you want a really temporary one.

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