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Unfortunately we live in a society where rules have to be created, published and followed.  Hinton Pond Hockey not only has it's own set of rules, but we also have other organizations such as Hockey Alberta and the Town of Hinton providing us additional rules for our members and participants to follow.  This page will attempt to collect them all into one place for you

Hinton Pond Hockey Association Parent/Player Contract and Code of Conduct

(you sign this agreement as part of the registration process)

The purpose of the Hinton Pond Hockey Association is to promote the value of teamwork and sportsmanship & to provide a recreational activity for children and youth so that their participation will be an enjoyable & rewarding experience. In order to provide an atmosphere for the growth of our players, the Hinton Pond Hockey Association has adopted this contract between players, parents and the Hinton Pond Hockey Association as a statement of policy and code of behaviour. All parents must review the contract & code of conduct and submit their agreement prior to their child's participation with Hinton Pond Hockey Association.


My child(ren):

  • will play Pond Hockey because they want to, not because others want them to,

  • will play by the rules of Pond Hockey,

  • will have good team spirit and a positive attitude towards teammates, on-ice supervisors, bench supervisors, team managers and any other HPHA volunteers,

  • will respect their opponents, teammates, other parents and all HPHA volunteers,

  • will wear proper equipment at all times, and

  • will remember that winning isn't everything and that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing their best is the main focus of Hinton Pond Hockey.


As a parent I:

  • will remember that my child plays pond hockey for their enjoyment, not mine,

  • will communicate with my child and support them everyday on and off the ice,

  • will encourage my child to play by the rules, use good sportsmanship with a positive, team-orientated attitude,

  • will not embarrass my child by yelling at or abusing my child, any player, on-ice supervisors, or any other HPHA volunteer.

  • will share pertinent health related issues with HPHA executive

  • will control my temper - fighting and mouthing off will not be tolerated under any circumstance

  • realize that on-ice supervisors strive to give each participant equal amounts of ice-time, regardless of skill level or years of experience.

  • fully understand that the game of Pond Hockey is for fun, exercise and enjoyment; NOT competition.

  • fully understand that HPHA is fully independent, operated by an unpaid volunteer board and is not affiliated with Challenge in the Rockies.


Pond hockey players often have issues that pond hockey volunteers either can’t, or shouldn’t have to solve. For this reason it is important that the parent/guardian ensure a responsible person is in attendance during the ice time.


I understand that the intent of this CONTRACT is to promote fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship for all participants within the Hinton Pond Hockey Association.


I acknowledge and agree to abide by the principles laid out in the above CONTRACT, and fully recognize and understand that the that the Hinton Pond Hockey Association Board of Executives has the right to terminate my child's position with the HPHA without reimbursement if my child, I or any other family member behave in such a manner that is considered unacceptable (as outlined above), , in the sole opinion of the Hinton Pond Hockey Association Board of Executives.

HPH Rules
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